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Lisa Voigts

Graphic Design is quite an understatement for what goes on in Lisa Voigts Head. Art is what she loves and for sure, she is not afraid of expressing herself. Many think this might be the key to her success as artist, designer and illustrator. At the Lake of Konstanz, a well known college in Germany, gave Lisa all the tools she needed to turn her talent into something real and professional. She finished her three years studies with straight A's and to everyones surprise and proud she was honored as the best student of the college ever. She is not afraid to use her talent, to create and to stay focused on what her clients need. Strong companies have used Lisa to find the sought after "unique, catchy, to the point" yet professional and creative different look. It's all about finding ideas, using ideas and being able to put these ideas onto paper, into words and onto a screen. To be creative and to be creative under pressure is extremely challenging to turn the imagination into something concrete and real. Lisa knows how to sway a brush, she rocks her Adobe programs, she develops websites and yes, she personally runs to every printing studio to make sure her jobs are printed the way she intended. We hope she keeps on going strong, gaining reputation and keeps on surprising us. As Lisa always states: It's not about the "WOW, this is nice!", it's about the "WOW, this is different. Why didn't I think about that?"
... well, why didn't you?


PRINT Design

We do. It all!


Let us brand any of your promotional gifts. and your car too!


Brighten up your walls! We focus on painted pictures to wallpapers of any size

  • Good design is indispensable

    Alles hat damit zu tun, ob es eine Kaffeemaschine ist oder ein Auto - es muss funktionieren und gut aussehen - sonst kauft es keiner


    alles muss aufeinander abgestimmt sein, um für Harmonie zu sorgen, Vertrauen und Interesse

The earthwithout Art is just 'eh

  • Print Design

    combining remarkable layouts with special paper or effects like embossing, spot varnish or foiling

    Branding and Logo Design

    A well-designed logo is an essential part of any company's overall brand identity

    Art and Illustration

    We create any corporate artpiece for your concern

  • Webdesign

    we do customized weblayouts with your unique look to stand out from the ordinary


    verschiedene Blickwinkel

    Fabric and Decoration

    We design patterns for cushions or upholstery, on glass tables or on wooden doors...


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